Webpage widget turn blank

  • Hi alexk,

    I really love your apps. Freeter help me {focus} and stay [organized] with my workflow. Thanks! :smile:

    But after recent update 0.13, I'm facing issue with 'webpage widget turn blank'. This issue happened every time this popup message appear >> "New data from the backup/sync folder successfully loaded." *see below image.

    I need to Quit and Restart Freeter to restore the Webpage widget to normal state. For sure this is troublesome.

    The popup backup/sync message appear more frequently when I repeatedly press shortcut button (ctrl+1, ctrl+2, ctrl+3) for switching Tab in Project.

    *popup backup/sync message

    This is my work-space setup.

    1. Before popup backup/sync message:

    2. After popup backup/sync message:

    I'm using LinuxMint 18.1 x64 Kernel 4.4.0-53-generic. Feel free to ask me for more info. I really want to help make Freeter better. Thank in advance! :grinning:

  • @acedcibi Cool to hear Freeter helps you to stay organized! Thanks for using it! :) And thanks for the detailed report with the screenshots. Going to research the issue now...

  • @acedcibi I reproduced the "frequent backup/sync" issue. Already fixed it :) However I still couldn't reproduce the "blank webpage widget". Can you give more info on your widget settings (session type / mobile view)? Going to launch more tests now. In 2-3 days I'll publish a hotfix 0.13.1 release with the bug fixes.

  • @alexk Wow. that was really fast fix! can't wait to update my Freeter. :smile:

    I've try various combination of settings for the Webpage (WP) widget, for example;

    • show mobile version = tick, session = widget, auto reload = 30 second
    • show mobile version = untick, session = application, auto reload = disabled

    But still, the WP widget turn blank;

    1. after leaving popup backup/sync window.
    2. after leaving the Preferences page, Ctrl+Comma,

    Both windows take the whole Freeter app screen.

    Maybe this is what causing the WP widget reloading when leaving each of them. [ just my assumption ] Each scenario tested with good working WP widget before it turn blank.

    I've notice this same problem also occurred with my web browser tab page.

    After doing some testing, then I realize that this issue happened because of my outdated AMD GPU card driver. It gave 'blank page' problem with the webpage GUI when it finish reloading. Even if I create new tab, the problem still there. It only go away when I opened New Window for the browser.

    Problem Solved, when I updated my GPU card driver using Oibaf's Drivers (link below).
    No more WP widget turn blank. The issue is NOT caused by Freeter itself. Feel happy again. :smile:

    Sorry if my explanation go bit out of topic. Hoping that it can relate at some point, even in the future maybe. =D

  • @acedcibi Awesome! :raised_hands: Thanks for sharing the solution! If someone will have a similar problem, I'll link to your post :)

  • @acedcibi How did you installed the Oibaf driver? I "Installed" the drivers and I still get the blank website problem :o

  • If after installing drivers the websites are still blank, then please try to launch Freeter with --disable-gpu argument.

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