PDF Reader within Freeter

  • I have used freeter primarily for work but other than that I also use it mostly for studying. I have a section in my study dashboard for notes, a simple checklist to remind me what I want to learn from the study material and a bigger section for the PDF. I had to access the PDF via Google Drive, which is okay but may not be useful if I already have my PDFs within my computer.

    It would be amazing if we have a PDF reader widget within Freeter than way we wouldn't need to upload our documents to Drive or open the PDF in a new window.

  • On the Mac side, it would be helpful if Quickview worked in Freeter. If you're not a Mac user, Quickview is a mac standard feature in most apps where you hit the spacebar with an item selected and you see a preview of the document. I use screen resize macros so I often do this and hit the screen resize macro to make my Quickview window full screen. Then I can arrow up or down and see each file fullscreen as a preview in near real time.

    Quickview can scroll to read the whole document. They can launch apples standard preview app, but they are not the same as a PDF editor. That is, you cannot mark on them, you can only read.

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