Crashes when setting a custom icon

  • I have just experienced something again that I have come across before. Freeter Pro allows using custom icons, in this case, a custom icon for a project name under manage projects.

    It is more annoying than a problem but I thought it would be fair to report it. I cannot say for sure what causes the crash but as I went though searching for just the right icon to go with the project, some would work fine, and then sometimes Freeter would suddenly quit (crashes).

    It always restarts and when I again search for the same icon for the same project it seems to accept the image file just fine. It seems that Freeter has some memory glitch so that when I have it set to input for external image files at some point it just shuts down.

    I have not done this systematically so I cannot say for sure if it was a file type I was selecting or some memory glitch as I have suggested. This was also happening when I customized some of file file launch buttons. It isn't every time it does this but it does happen enough to mention it.

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