Using Macros With Freeter

  • Thanks for creating this subcategory. I am recapping most of what I posted earlier about seeking a way to create a key press using Freeter to trigger a macro.

    I am on the Mac side. I know there are macro apps on the Windows side that will do similar things, but I cannot speak with any experience to those. Macros are very useful. They allow me to automate certain parts of my workflow. The only problem I had was how to trigger then from a Freeter Project.

    On the Mac, there is an excellent macro app that I already use called Keyboard Maestro. With this app I can trigger the macro in one of three ways; 1) I can trigger the macro using a URL address on my local machine 2) I can use Terminal (command line) to trigger the macro, and 3) I can save the macro as a separate “trigger” macro file. This third method is the one I am using as it is quite easy to put a open file button on a Freeter project and point that button to a KM Trigger for the macro I am using on that project.

    Passing it on in case it helps.

  • @levelbest I'm new to Freeter and still trying to figure out how to implement this into my workflow as a website developer, IT consultant and Director of IT for a nonprofit. Do you have any examples of how this worked for you?

  • Although I have done web sites in the past, for myself and for services sold to others, web development is not currently in my workflow. I cannot say much about using Freeter in this way. However, Freeter seems in it’s inception to be a tool aimed directly at the sort of work that you describe. There are now two YouTube videos on getting started which will show you more about that. If you haven’t seen them yet, here are the links:

    Using Freeter - Part 1
    Using Freeter - Part 2

    I am using Freeter to mange all the projects I have to do from the everyday mundane to using Freeter for researrch. I am still learning about how to apply the best work-flow for my needs with what Freeter already does and keeping in mind the developers active interest in continual improvement with Freeter.

    For example, right now there isn‘t a way to add formatting or style to a text field, there isn‘t a way to print a text fiels or a todo list, there is no way to review progreass gloabally on all my projects, and the links menu is global and not project specific. All these issues mandate various work-around stratagies and will hopfully be addressed realtivly soon (my hope and opinion only)

    Global links menu probably would help you more than it helps me. If you are mostly focused on IT work ,then you likely want to create a link of sites that you will use multiple time such as Github and have that resounrce abalible to all your projects.

    The developer has expresssed interest inmodifying this feature in the future because for some, seeing too many links globally and focusing on projects which are not all the same is not helpful and adds clutter and tempts confusion (ie, writing a book instead of real-time online IT work)

    Which is to say that I am using Freeter 80% desk work and 20% web work. Therefore my work-flow is primarily local, single user focused.

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