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  • I realize that Freeter in it’s inception is a web or online oriented idea. This point has already been offered and understood. I am glad for this online use of Freeter. I have a suggestion however that is more about how I am using Freeter, as a desktop app primarily, that also uses web resources secondarily.

    I am building a good deal of research into my projects. For some research, connecting to a web page is very important and very useful. What I want to suggest however is that it would be great if Freeter offered a widget that was a wrapper for videos stored locally. As far as I can tell this is not currently available in Freeter.

    For example, I am currently relearning camping and off-grid skills. Right now, I am currently learning and in some cases relearning how to tie knots. When I find a site with good tutorial information I can bookmark that site. But in some cases - as with tutorials that I am wanting to study, I prefer to download the video and replay it whether or not I am online.

    As it is now, I can put all videos with a project in a File Explorer widget and launch them in that way, or I can put in individual file linking buttons as the concept of saving links globally vs for a single project has not yet been realized.

    I am thinking that with tabs, it might work well to put certain videos I am studying on a tab and put a notes or text field beside it.

    Therefore I am suggesting a video wrapper widget might be a useful addition to Freeter.

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