Seperator Lines in Project menu

  • I am a highly visual person. No where is this more apparent than in how I manage organizational tasks. I continue to use Freeter to organize all the things that I have to do, from the mundane to the truly important. Right now I have almost 20 Freeter projects. Most of them can be put in subcategories. Having them in subcategories helps my brain so that I can both find and focus on various areas at various times.

    What I have done is to create an empty project and set it’s name to a series of horizontal lines. Then I made an image icon and set it to the background color in Freeter. Then I duplicated this project a few times and dragged them to create the subcategories separation that I wanted to see.

    I suppose if creating all the added blank projects is not going to cause any problems in the future, then this is a good enough solution. I am writing here to also suggest that it would be nice to have a future feature so that I could select menu lines for such spacing of my subcategories.

    As always, I am enjoying using Freeter and I appreciate that the developer is listening and actively involved in Freeter’s ongoing development.


    0_1507490128129_Line Seperator example.png

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