Can't use this forum in a Freeter web display.

  • I have put this forum in a Freeter web portal. It displays the page, no worries there. However, each time I have tried to make a reply, it wont work.

    What it does is; 1) open the comments section, 2) I can type my question or my response, 3) but when I hit return, the whole entry and field are scrubbed. I can start over but that seems pointless as it scrubs my comments every time I hit enter. When I say scrubs, I mean that the comments field goes away and it is as though I never hit reply.

    I never have this problem in Firefox which is my normal way of interacting with this forum. Because of this behavior I do not trust the web portal in Freeter yet. It makes more sense to put a link opener widget in when I need to go to a web page and let it open the page in Firefox.

    I don't know if this is an actual bug or something that needs to be re-imagined. But as it keeps me from trusting the Freeter portal experience, I thought it worth mentioning.

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