A humble design proposition

  • Hey Freeter team! Absolutely love the app. One of the things that has stuck out to me however is the very important vertical screen real estate that I think may be getting taken up a bit unnecessarily. A quick run through on my thoughts here...

    alt text

    Top OSX Bar: It just doesn't do anything important. If fullscreen is a needed option, give it a hotkey or add it to the "View" menu.

    Project Selection: You don't really need to see a projects name. Shift for email is a good example of this. Icons will do great.

    Manage Projects Gear: These days everyone knows what a gear does, it's for settings of course! :). Let the icon do the work and put it off to the side, it doesn't need to be accessed all the time.

    Timer And Other Buttons: Was a little unsure on this one as I'm not entirely sure just how much users are accessing these on a regular basis. But I think it's pretty safe to just make them smaller and bring them down to the side, along with the Edit Layout button.

    Anyhow, it's not a pixel perfect mockup, but I hope there is anything useful here for you. I'd love to have more vertical real estate in Freeter!

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