Project and Widget icons

  • Hi! It would be amazing if it had a flat icon pack inside you could choose from when creating a new project or a widget. :)

  • @Lancaeron It might be nice if there was a place here on this site to upload/download/share icons with the community. I have been making them or finding them by trial and error. As you can clearly tell from the wide range of sizes shown, I don't know what the optimal dimension of a Freeter icon actually is yet. But, all of these do work for projects or for file launch buttons, etc.

    These work:
    Green star, 17 × 28 gif.
    Light bulb, 17 × 28 gif.
    Grey square, 380 × 344 gif.
    Check mark 135 × 109 gif
    American flag 451 × 299 PNG
    My Custom Freeter Mod Arrow Blue 1095 × 1220 png

    Hmmm ... I was about to upload these but the format of this forum will not permit gifs to be uploads. Now uploaded as converted to pngs, the dimensions should be a bit larger than listed above.

    0_1508163036513_Checkmark Icon.png
    0_1508163052638_Light Bulb Icon.png
    0_1508163088006_Star Icon green.png
    0_1508163147093_American Flag Icon.png

    0_1508161268709_Freeter Standard icon side arrow blue.png

  • That would be nice. :) I found this awesome website: when you register there you can download up to 400 icons per day. :)

  • @Lancaeron Thanks, I will check those out too.

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