view and open Rapidweaver files

  • Freeter sees Rapidweaver

    files as folders. Freeter is reading the package and showing me everything in the package but the Rapidweaver file has an extension of .rw but Freeter ignores this and rather shows me the contents of the package. I've never seen any app do this unless I tell it to vies package contents.

    Can you allow Freeter to view and open Rapidweaver files natively? My workaround is to create rapidweaver as a tool and then right click and open with Rapidweaver.

    Thank you .

  • It's a fair question. I suspect the developer (Alex) needs to revisit viewing packages as a single file. It looks like it doesn't do this by default.

    On a Mac, File Explorer shows Pages documents just great, PDFs too. But, it shows RTF or Rich Text files in a folder with a sub document. I would prefer to stay in RTF but as long as this is the way it is in Freeter I have decided to use Pages format instead.

    It would be nice to see this corrected at some point.

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