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  • I want to use this app. I want to like this app.

    But I can't use this app or like this app as long as it doesn't remember my login credentials for anything. I've tried with 6 different login pages including Billy, Sendy, Better Proposals and others but my password is not remembered.

    Ability to keep websites logged in and not enter password every time I launch Freeter.

    Thank you.

  • Not to be piling on but ... the web display seems to need work. I have this Freeter forum page that we are using right now, in a Freeter project. More than a few times I have tried doing what I am doing right now in posting this reply. The Freeter hosted web site ignores my making a comment every time. Now I can look at the Freeter page of this forum and it will show me new issues and replies to my posts. But I also put in a link to this page. I just don't try to interact too far with a Freeter web page in Freeter.

    In fairness, I am using Freeter to organize my workflow as best I can so the web sites I will go to are either for my research or for some other reason that I would be just more comfortable with doing all by business in my usual browser anyway.

    For example, I just did a lot of research on camping and outdoor gear which I kept notes of in Freeter. I put in various youtube links (on the Freeter desktop as we still have a universal links menu - hoping for project specific menus), anyway ... I put a link to the Amazon page for each item when I found what I felt was the best deal. When I bought the items, I went to the items Amazon page in Firefox, made my purchase, and then added a button to my Freeter research for that item with my new Amazon order receipt.

  • Up vote on this for me too. I use Last Pass on Chrome to log me in to my various sites. Freeter so needs this to take such pain away. Once you have this I will live inside Freeter alll the time!

  • it's good to know I'm not the only one with suggestions like these.

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