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  • I have already suggested putting free text on the Freeter tab page backgrounds in a separate feature suggestion. To take that idea and go farther with it I offer the following suggestions;

    It would be great if the Freeter background could receive dragged-in images. I just purchased several items (4) on Amazon. I wanted to drop in a screen shot of the items I am now waiting for. Instead I created four separate image widgets and then dropped the images one at a time. And, the images were limited or constrained to the minimal size and grid locking effect of the standard widget.

    I don't know if it is a practical idea for Alex or how the code for Freeter goes, but seeing more interactivity with items on the desktop would be fantastic.

    For some ideas;

    • You could drag text or images onto Freeter directly without a widget.
    • You could turn off snap to grid as the text or images you dragged onto Freeter might not do best when constrained to a grid,
    • It would be a huge time saver if I could select multiple widgets and, move them, copy them, delete them, or group them. As it is now, when I have items on a tab and I like the design of the layout instead of just copying the grouping of the items I like, I have to duplicate the tab and then go and delete the many widgets I did not want to copy.

    A recent example of this was doing my research into the gear I ended up getting at Amazon. I created a smallest possible web link widget - two actually, one for the Amazon product page and one or more for YouTube or other product reviews. Then right beside that I had a similarly sized, but wider text field for that products description, if it was a sale price, etc. Once I figured this out, I needed to continue to copy the design over, and over again. It would have been easier, if I could copy the two items as a group and paste them again as a group.

    It would also have been easier, once I had done a half dozen of the buttons and text I have just described, and knew I had much more research to do, to just select those items and copy/paste/duplicate them as a group.

    I think that this is one of your more important ideas. Setting up a layout in Freeter is very important.

    Please consider that:

    • Allowing free form text and images to land on Freeters desktop so images and text are no longer constrained to the minimal dimensions of a text widget
    • Allowing grouping or multiple selections of widgets for copy/paste or duplication

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