How to easily switch between multiple Google accounts and apps

  • Do you have more than one Google account? Are you using Gmail, Google Drive, Docs and Calendar at the same time?

    You don’t have to sign in and out or run multiple browsers to switch your Google accounts. You don’t have to fumble around trying to find the right app. Freeter lets you seamlessly switch between all your Google accounts and apps.


    Adding a first Google account

    We’re going to add a Freeter project for each Google account we have. That would allow to use Project Switcher to easily switch between accounts. Let’s add a first project.


    1. Click “Manage Projects”
    2. Click “Add Project”
    3. Enter Project Name and Select Icon. The rest settings can be skipped.
    4. Click “Done Editing”


    Setting up a first Gmail

    To access web apps in Freeter, you should place them on the dashboard using Webpage widget. First add Gmail.


    1. Click “Edit Layout”
    2. Drag Webpage widget from Add Widget, and drop on the dashboard
    3. Click “Configure Widget” on the widget header
    4. Copy-paste Gmail address ( to the Web Address field
    5. Select “Project” option in the Session menu. This will allow you to share the same session and Google account with other Google apps on the project.
    6. Click “Finish”


    Logging in with a first Google account

    Now we can log in to Gmail using a first account.


    1. Click “Finish Editing”
    2. Log in to Gmail


    Setting up other Google apps

    Ok. Gmail is ready. Now let’s setup other Google apps.

    1. Click “Edit Layout”
    2. Click “Copy Widget” on the widget header. This will help you to add Webpage widgets with the same settings, so you will only need to change the Web Address.
    3. Paste Widget to create copies of the webpage widget. You may add them on the same dashboard, or add more dashboards using the Add Tab button. It depends on your workflow and how you’d prefer to switch between Google apps.
    4. Change the “Web Address” setting to show other Google apps. As the Session option is set to Project, you are already logged in.
    5. You may also set the “Show Mobile Version” mode on some widgets to fit Google apps to a smaller area.


    Adding a second Google account

    When all Google apps are configured for the first account, adding a second one will be a matter of seconds.

    1. Click “Manage Projects”
    2. Click “Duplicate Project”
    3. Enter Project Name and Select Icon
    4. Click “Done Editing”
    5. Switch to the second project
    6. Log in to one of the Google apps, and reload the others


    Done! Now you can seamlessly switch between all your Google accounts and apps.

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