Need better contrast

  • I believe I have hit on this point before, but it is worth mentioning again. I like the Freeter dark layout better than the light, but the contrast of the tab lettering for the tabs which are not active are so hard to read. I find this frustrating. You can see this clearly on the top images of my included screen shots. You can see that the tab “Shopping” is now the focus. But the other household tabs are projects that also need my attention. But they are so low in contrast that I really need to work to see them. I do not easily notice them.

    Also, the Projects menu needs much better contrast. I think it would be much better for the Projects menu if it was not occluded by default but instead it was fully visible, Then, Alex could put a different shade or color or contrast on the selected item in the menu.

    The Projects menu is the one and the only way I have to actually look at all my projects. It really is not helpful that it is so hazed over with only your selections easily read. Just looking at the Projects menu from time to time informs me of which projects will need my attention. As it is now, it is too unclear to easily see and contemplate which project I am going to go to next.

    If I were not such a highly visual person with my organization, then I would not have been so strongly drawn to Freeter. I am crossing my fingers this will get some attention before too long.

    I have included a screen shot here.

    0_1508347692695_Freeter Contrast.png

    0_1508426093004_Freeter Contrast copy.png

  • Exactly. The contrast for older eyes (yes we get older) is exhaustive.

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