I like Freeter. .. I saw chromium is used..but what else ? (Privacy info)

  • I like Freeter's direction..
    • I'd just appreciate if we could clear the air here.

    Privacy and Security.
    Thorough details of the tool's proverbial "cobble" would be great.
    AKA: Chromium wasn't known until someone asked and the dev replied. This isn't the ideal method to this or success. The information needs to be accessible on demand.

    Sooooo...until the on demand info pages are in the website(a smart idea..because it's a smart idea)

    Let's just ask;
    • What else is used in Freeter ? We need confidence in this toolset..especially when working on client projects.
    • What are the security and privacy 'scopes/spectrums/levels' based upon..and whoever did this judgement call..how experienced & intelligent are they ?

    Thank You..and I look forward to using Freeter for years to come.

  • 'Should have known there'd be no reply..

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