Is Freeter Abandoned?

  • Nothing has changed for months - only a few posts from Alex/admin weeks/months ago, support posts are unanswered for 17+ days from other users...

    Seems sad that I just purchased this not long ago, and nothing seems to be happening with it. I understand there is only 1 developer, but if the product is being advertised, especially in "special promotions", you'd think it would also be active...this is not active by any stretch. Not a great way to run the business - or reward your paying customers and user base.

    Heck, I can't even find out what version of Freeter I'm using - there doesn't seem to be an "about" area - I can't print my to-do list either...

    Don't get me wrong - I like it, and use it, but seems a bit unfinished to be doing promotional advertising and then not have anything happening with it...

    I don't think I'll continue using it if the developer doesn't give some idea of what's coming, and when.

  • I have to agree. I felt that Alex received a lot of feedback us. He seemed to be open with feedback. Some progress notification would be useful.

    In fairness most developers don't like giving hard and fast dates as that is the nature of coding. Suppose he was sure of December first and it wasn’t ready until April? I’ve seen it happen. Really makes customers upset.

    I think a modest check-in however would be appropriate like, these are the things I am working on and these are the things that I still want to work on but may not get to for the next release.

    In his own words of course. Just saying, Freeter has been a largely online oriented tool. I use it 80/20 with far more use keeping track of desktop work flow. Even so, some of the online widgets have brought up concern so perhaps he would fix those first.

    For my tastes I would be very happy if the tabs and the menu contrasts were improved. After that I would like to see a way to group widgets and copy them as a group and drag them as a group.

    Basic text improvements such as spell-checking in text and todo widgets would also be appreciated.

    But again, without Alex weighing inn, this is just speculation and personal preference.

  • I'm kinda worried too. Just bought the Pro version because I really love what I see, but it does need some finishing touches. For example Terminal widget has been put on the roadmap months ago, then no news. It's one of the main thing I'm missing...
    Come on Alex, give us news!

  • Alex...
    open up the source for us..control it behind Github/Gitlab account... but FFS... let us fix what we paid for if you're going to abandon us..

    FYI: I know if you don't get back into motion on things here with us, that I'll never buy anything else you ever make bud.

    Reputation points are currently a 3 .5 out of 10 bud...and going down.

    [[@ ShorePatrol ; I'd be happy for a bit, if Alex would at least have advertised features working. See my WTH?!! post in bug section.]]

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