Executing Gulp/Grunt tasks with a simple click

  • Tired of having to manually open Terminal and type “gulp build / grunt watch” every time you want to execute a task? This quick tutorial will show you how to run the tasks with a simple mouse click using Freeter.


    Setting up projects

    First you need to add your projects to Freeter and specify paths to directories where the tasks will be executed in.

    1. Open Freeter
    2. Click “Manage Projects”


    1. Click "Add Project"


    1. Select Project Directory. This should be a root directory of the project. It’s not a problem if the tasks should be executed in a sub-directory.
    2. Type Project Name and set a project icon


    Adding common tasks

    If you use same task names and a similar file structure in many projects, use Commands tab for these tasks. Commands tab hosts common command lines and enables you to execute them in Project directory.

    1. Move the mouse pointer over Commands tab and click “Manage Commands”


    1. Click “Add Command”


    1. Type Command Name

    2. Add Gulp/Grunt command to Command Lines. If the task should be executed in a subdirectory, then add a “cd” command to change the “current working directory”.


    Adding project-specific tasks

    In Freeter each project has own set of dashboards allowing you to gather all project-specific things in one place with the use of widgets. And, for executing command-lines from a dashboard there is Commander widget.

    1. Click “Edit Layout”


    1. Move the mouse pointer over Add Widget tab and click “Commander”


    1. Click “Configure Widget” on the widget header


    1. Type Action Name
    2. Add Gulp/Grunt command to Command Lines


    Executing tasks

    Now every time you want to execute a task, just press Cmd (or Ctrl) + Shift + F to call Freeter and click on the command. Freeter will do the rest.

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