• Your certificate expired, Freeter is useless at the moment... Any chance of fixing this any time soon?

  • Please, if you have this software, just block it on the firewall (internet acess), who knows what the devil the developer is trying to do? Maybe sell it and run with the money or maybe rob you from personal information.

  • The certificate for the website expired yesterday. Since it uses http strict transport security", the website can't be visited any more. The certificate for this forum will expire in 2 months.

  • @Big-stick I don't think the new owner is being malicious. He hasn't even released an update that could contain malware, and locking users out by letting your certificates expire would not help in that regard either. It looks more like he doesn't care any more. Maybe it was too difficult and arduous to continue working on the code base of a project written and abandoned by somebody else, even if he originally wanted to do that.

    But a word of clarification would certainly help us. And if this is really abandoned, please release the code as open source.

  • Why not release this project as Open Source I think many will benefit from it?

  • @aditiavfx
    well, he still gets money from suckers like me who bought it on slashdot & co...

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