Open desktop apps inside the Freeter.

  • Is there a ways we can open desktop apps inside the Freeter? File opener only execute the file outside..but does not embed inside the Freeter. However, it is working well only with Web Applications. It would be great, if there is a way to do it. Thank You!

  • @Jacky-Poh This has been suggested before. It is something that I would be very happy to see and the admin has voiced some interest in looking into - although he has not been very active here in a quite a while. I am trying to stay hopeful that he is working hard in his own way to work on the many suggested improvements requested in Freeter.

    It has been made known for example that Freeter was designed as a web workers tool for the most part. However, the idea of such a useful desktop portal to work on all your projects (which is how I use Freeter) has been received with some interest by the developer. Again, I am trying to stay hopeful.

    With that said, a simple answer to your question could be to use the FileOpener widget, link to the desktop app you want to open, and open it.

    A couple of workarounds that I have found quite useful exist on the Mac platform. I use HoudahSpot and KeyboardMaestro. HoudahSpot is a great tool that can set up custom searches and then save them. It can also export searches as a trigger file. In this way I can link a fileopener in Freeter to a saved HoudahSpot custom search to find all the pieces of a project that I need to work on.

    KeyboardMaestro is a system level macro utility. It can do a lot of things on a Mac. It too can save any custom macro as a separate trigger file. This means you can also link a fileopener widget to a KeyboardMaestro macro trigger file.

    I don't know the Windows equivalent to these apps but I am sure they must exist.

    While I remain hopeful that Freeter will continue to see improvements, I have moved to TaskPaper for the most part rather than wait to see if Freeter is going to continue to improve. TaskPaper is yet another Mac only app that is text based, uses style sheets and seems to be filling the bill - for now. I continue to stay optimistic that Freeter will get some love from it’s developer or that we will hear from him/them about Freeter revised roadmap.

  • @levelbest Appreciate for replying my posts. It would be great if the developer will active quite often, and give us some updates of what they are planning. So far i did not found any similar or even close to what Freeter provide us.

    Your suggestion is great, howver I'm not using Mac OS. Too bad.

    Hopefully, the developer would be kind enough to give more love to this pieces of treasure.

  • It's actually pretty baffling as to why there's so much silence. Freeter IS a bloody awesome piece of software, that only needs to be cared for and developed to its full potential.
    It it goes dark, it would such a loss. The concept is wonderful, the execution is pretty good if unfinished, I just love it, and don't understand why the silence.
    @administrators please get in touch with your users!

  • @2Ben3510 I don't understand it either. First abandoned by its original author and now by the new owner.

  • There is - Try

    It's free and can be deployed to cloud or your home NAS.

  • I have to say, this is not looking good. There has been repeated spamming recently on this site about someones cryptocurrency (whatever). And yet, no one is policing the site apparently.

    I am still hopeful that the developer will get off his (whatever) and weigh in here. I did not get excited and purchase a pro license for Freeter because it was cool. Although, it was that too. No, I got it because I need help with my organization of my projects. Without at least responding to the minimum suggestions or in fact showing any developer feedback at all ... is unacceptable at this point.

    I will wait until New Years to start publicly voicing my unhappiness and warning people in other forums to NOT purchase a Freeter license. I think 30 more days before sounding a death knell seems fair.

    While I have not yet put the nails in the coffin with Freeter, I will say here that I have found a very good replacement for my project and creative organizational needs. Curio is a visual idea, space layout oriented, Mind map, list, and calendar capable, monster. It also can have embedded web pages, links, and so much more.

    Sorry to say to the Windows users but Curio is a mac only platform. Freeter was at least for Windows and Mac.

    I am transferring all my Projects I had started in Freeter to Curio right now. I simply do not trust Freeter to get any real development at this point. And with so many simple but critical small things still not improved on in Freeter (spelling, changing font characteristics, fixing poor contrast in tabs and text in dark mode) I just am not seeing the point of depending on Freeter anymore. Shame too as it is such a nice idea and so very close to what you want it to be. Oh well.

  • @levelbest

    It looks like Freeter was sold to a new owner a few months ago -

    The new owner hasn't been very responsive on these forums. I wonder if they would be willing to sell the product to someone who might be more dedicated to keeping it up and developing it further.

    If anyone out there has the tech skills, might be worth approaching the new Freeter owner and giving it a shot! Would love to see this software maintained and taken further. I like it a lot more than, which is a pretty popular tool / shows what Freeter's potential could be in the right hands. The functionality is there.

    I just want to see it continue to evolve! Given how much it sold for on Flippa, I bet someone could buy it from the new owner for a few thousand bucks and keep it active.

  • @goldmanjordan AGREED!

  • @goldmanjordan said in Open desktop apps inside the Freeter.:

    It looks like Freeter was sold to a new owner a few months ago -

    What you have to understand is that this link was for a sale that happened last July-August. You can see on the upper right of that linked page:

    Sold by Auction, Ended 161 days ago

    The developer who successfully purchased Freeter in that sale, was active here for a couple of months. He expressed interest in the feedback that he got from customers here on this forum. Then, he disappeared. He has not made comment here in quite a long time. I have already moved on. I still am checking in to see if there has been any movement but as far as I can tell, Freeter development has completely stalled out.

    I noticed that just before it was sold there was a sale on the full version. That was when I first discovered Freeter. Just after it was sold, there has been one and maybe two sales on Freeter. I don't like being so cynical but perhaps that was a quick way of wringing some cash out of the project and then, moving on.

    I keep saying I want to give the developer the opportunity to speak up, and so far he has not. This is particularly odd since in the two months after the sale he was very active here on the forums.

    I feel bad that I let two other forums know how great Freeter was after I got my license. Now it seems my reputation is sinking a bit as Freeter remains without any clear developer support or feedback on these forums.

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