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    @FreeterBeAwesome of course we will be supporting Freeter and continue developing it!

  • @admin That's great news! I think a lot of people on here will be relieved and happy to hear that. Any ideas when we'll be seeing an updated roadmap or an idea of future updates? Not wanting to sound pushy, but there is quite a keep community here keen to stick with the product. :)

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    @FreeterBeAwesome can't say anything particular on it, but you're more than welcome to share your suggestions!

  • I am a Freeter Pro user. This is a summary of what I would like to see in Freeter:

    My key use of Freeter is as a simplified project management tool. Except that project management is very much a left brain and logical approach. Freeter allows me a visual approach to organization and staying on point with what ever project I am doing. Given that, here is my summary of what I would like to see done moving forward in Freeter.

    Improvement/Expansion of File Explorer widgets. This is what I use and I work from most of the time:

    Improvement/Expansion of Highlights: I use highlights to focus on which parts of my files I am currently working on. I would like to see an addition made to the highlighting filter based on the same additions I have suggested for setting up the file explorer including, set a color on all files not opened in the past 30 days, set a color on files opened in the last day, set a color on files with tag "whatever".

    File Explorer widgets can see a Saved Search: I would like to see the File Explorer widget have the option to show only the most recent files, files with a certain tag, etc. As I work through the steps of a project, it would be very helpful to have a File Explorer widget that stayed focused on what I consider to be the priorities in my workflow. This would work as an improvement either by adding this to the File Explorer, or, allowing the selection of a saved search (virtual) folder as the base directory of the File Explorer.

    Global Links that are Project Specific, Non Global: Links appear to be global. I would like to see this changed so that links are only associated with a project. When I have put a project together it should include relevant links to web information which are for that project only and hence, no longer global. I can get overwhelmed with organization too easily. This is especially true when I am working on multiple projects at the same time. A dashboard a link could be copied to a different project if needed. It would be great if, I could only focus on what I need to see for that specific project, and to more easily reengage the project the next time I tackle it.

    Key trigger or system level macro hook: I use a Mac system macro called Keyboard Maestro extensively. There are other apps that will do this. I am sure that there are many Windows equivalents that will also do this. If a widget is added that allows me to set a keyboard command (or in any other way to trigger a separate macro on my system), then I could launch a saved macro that is triggered from a key command. This would improve Freeter’s ability to do many more things in my system without incurring a large investment in programming time.

    ADDED: Filtering highlights on Todos. It would be nice to have a simple "name contains" filtering (color) on a todo widget.

    ADDED: "Text widget > Formatting" is already on the roadmap. It also needs a print function to be useful. Formatting too of course, but I need to print out notes quite often. Text widgets are not useful to me if I cannot print from them.

    ADDED: Project Printouts. It would be great if there was some sort of global print capability - on many levels. Print out all you are working on with a certain project. File Explorers would only print their description and filepath, same with web links. Text and Todos would print out the text in them. This could be on all tabs for a project, just the one tab on a project, or possibly doing an inventory of all your projects and tabs that you are working on for doing workflow control inventory from time to time. It would be something useful to show a team member, support person, or your boss.


  • I recently stumble upon this and their business model are good. I hope this will be a good example if Freeter development would continue to flourish.


  • @aditiavfx Are you saying that this link is for (New Freeter Developer) Alex's site? Not seeing any mention about Freeter there. Interesting projects though.

  • @levelbest nope2, that's not alex's project...I just stumble that project and found how they finance the project to keep it alive and well updated.

    update make me happy :)

  • Oh, I see, said the blind carpenter as he picked up his hammer and saw. ;-)

  • I am surprised PRINTING is not on the roadmap. The ability to print from to-do lists, and text widgets would be very welcomed. Thanks!

  • Webpage Widget > Add Spell Checker

    This is a must, please add it. I use freeter to focus on work and I hate when I misspell while writing quickly and notice after sending to a client. :face_palm:

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