Smaller grid size and padding

  • @Zetamex FYI moved "Smaller grid size and padding" feature request here.

    After researching the "grid size" feature I got stuck with the following scenario:

    1. Make the window big or enter into the fullscreen mode
    2. Set a smaller grid size
    3. Add a widget to the dashboard and set its size to 1x1
    4. Then leave the fullscreen mode and/or resize the window to the minimum size

    This will break the design, as there will not be any space within widget areas to place widget headers with buttons. Currently, a 1x1 widget on the minimum window size takes about 62px x 43px. If we make the grid size 2x smaller for both x/y, then the widget will have an area ~ 26px x 16px (if the spacing will be kept the same).

    Looking for an advice from the community. What are your thoughts on the "grid size" feature?

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