ToDo List with <a href Tags>

  • It will be very helpfull if we could start Url's right from the ToDo list in the webpage. Like Issue numbers.
    (checkbox) Name of the todo PROD-33298

    PROD-33298 is a <a href="https//your-company-Jira:8080/browse/PROD-33298">PROD-33298</a>

  • @C4PC0M Sounds interesting. I'm thinking on how to enable the links and not over-complicate the to-do list editor with new menu items at the same time. Maybe show the last part of the link as a clickable link text, when the editor is closed? For example:

    • https//your-company-Jira:8080/browse/PROD-33298 - will show a clickable PROD-33298 text in the to-do list item
    • http://website-domain/link/to/the/PAGE - will show a clickable PAGE in the list item

    What do you think?

  • Its sounds very good. I like your idea
    i hope it will work like you explained

  • @C4PC0M Ok, cool. Added to the roadmap.

  • @C4PC0M :heavy_check_mark: Added in 1.1.0.

  • @alexk said in ToDo List with <a href Tags>:


    Consider using some kind of template engine rather than parsing the URL or just allow HTML format.

    <href src="https//your-company-Jira:8080/browse/PROD-33298">Anything I want it to show</href>

  • @itbharsh Ok. I think of adding a basic support of the markdown syntax, for links and bold/italic formatting. If an item just has a plain link, then it will be shown with the current algorithm, and if an item has a link in MD syntax, then it will be shown with the specified text. That should work good for this, what do you think?

  • Sounds like that should work. Make sure that it works for someone copying and pasting text containing URLs.

  • @itbharsh Sure :) Added to the roadmap.

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