Freeter is a RIP-OFF

  • Bought this app months ago hoping for good things. Little did I know the developer has completely abandoned it, the "community" forum is over-run by spam, and no changes.

    If you found the discounted special on "Mighty Deals" for Freeter Pro - save your money on software that the developer actually cares about.

  • While I agree that it sucks that the original developer just abandoned the project and sold the software/product to a new person (i'm not even sure if the new owner is a developer) without at least telling the users on this forum or email that he was leaving the project.

    I do however think the current Freeter app is still very useful with its current features. I myself wish they would open source the project so the community of developers could really take the app to the next level with new features.

    I have a ton of ideas to really make this thing the ultimate developer tool

  • @jasondavis Agreed. Having just found Freeter and its ability to tie together SaaS apps with local resources into projects, I am disappointed to see the change of ownership/ sale in mid-2017 does not appear to have born any fruits.

    I too HOPE that if this is abandon-ware, it will be open-sourced.

  • I agree that this app can be useful as is, without further dev. But in it's current state it is missing major things that have been in the requests and could make it worth the money I spent for Pro. My 2 biggest gripes are: 1) no spellcheck support, even the OS default spell check ability. 2) It uses way too much RAM on my Mac Pro. I can not keep the app open for an extended period of time. This could be an issue with Electron which may be taken care of with a new compilation of the code.

    I think there should have been a disclaimer stating this was a dead product with no further dev planned, and I believe it was very misleading to advertise the product with MightyDeals just to up the profits before it was sold.

    I would love to see future dev of this product. I open every few weeks just to see if there is an update.

  • @alexk said in New Owner & Further Development:

    Also I wanted to clarify that MightyDeals campaign was not launched just to up the profits before it was sold. I started communicating with MightyDeals in April, and after setting all the things up the campaign was scheduled to run in the second half of August. MightyDeals campaign was a part of Freeter sale, and the new owner gets profit from it.

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