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  • Dear Freeter users,

    I feel really bad after seeing that there weren’t any development/support since I sold Freeter in July :(

    Initially I have been running Freeter as a side project. Then as it got more and more users, I started receiving more and more support/feature requests and Freeter gradually turned into a full-time job. At some point I just couldn’t work on Freeter anymore, because I depleted savings working on it full-time with income that was never close to what I was earning before I created Freeter. It definitely needed some changes in the business model, but I just didn’t have any resources to experiment with this and continue develop/support the app. And after one and half year of developing Freeter, I had to “stop loss” and find someone who could move Freeter to the next level.

  • Also I wanted to clarify that MightyDeals campaign was not launched just to up the profits before it was sold. I started communicating with MightyDeals in April, and after setting all the things up the campaign was scheduled to run in the second half of August. MightyDeals campaign was a part of Freeter sale, and the new owner gets profit from it.

  • @admin, could you please provide any news on Freeter and what are the plans?

  • Thanks for providing some information from your side, Alex. Personally I think it was a mistake to sell this software. If it was difficult for you to earn money with it, it will be even more difficult for other people. Maintaining and developing code that others have written is certainly not easier than maintaining your own code. I can imagine that the new owner had good intentions but then realized how big the task was, became demotivated and gave up. You should have kept it, but slowed down development.

    I't sad that the whole story wasn't a success for you, since I believe the original idea of Freeter is great, I haven't seen anything similar in the market, and your software implementation is also very well done.

    Maybe you can sit down with the new owner and find a way to sort out the mess and make the whole thing work again.

  • @alexk would love this project to continue. I have been looking for another alternative since Freeter is no longer being updated and must say not many options out there. Would love to encourange that this project starts up again and continues growing. Its an awesome idea!!!!

  • @alexk Thanks for joining in - to build on what @Freddy said, I'm not sure if you have any other channels through which to contact the person you sold it to but a confirmation that it is abandoned would be welcome (and the least that the new owner could do) so that users don't commit to setting up important projects/workflows using it.

  • Thanks for the update Alex. I love Freeter and I've been looking forward to its development for many months.

    I've put together a thread to gather the community to buy Freeter from its current owner as a group and then open source it. I'd love to see the community have the opportunity to work together to develop this fantastic project further.

  • @alexk I appreciate your coming back and weighing in. I am sorry you got to a point where you felt Freeter could not sustain your time and your efforts. Freeter is today in essentially the exact same state as when you stopped development on it. It isn't you but the fellow you sold it too that has disappeared. No development, no communication, nada.

    I initially purchased a pro license and told two forums I am active on how great Freeter is (was). I am a bit embarrassed about my own reputation for sending people to Freeter. I jumped into Freeter right away. I put a lot of effort into making a console app for my desktop needs. I offered many suggestions - as did others here, which at first the new owner sounded like he was going to implement. Then, he just disappeared.

    Soon enough I learned not to trust the Freeter environment. And yet, It is good enough to demand development - that is, if anyone took all the suggestions from users seriously and actually fixed things or enhanced according to suggestion, Freeter would be amazing, even revolutionary. I soon came to understand that awaiting change with Freeter (which is still going on) was not a productive use of my time.

    Moving ahead I am not sure what will happen with Freeter. Some have expressed an interest in funding it - although I have very little in the way of resources to do this myself. I suppose it all comes down to what you want to do and what you can do about it. If the rights have been purchased and transferred, did you put in a clause that if it is not developed in a certain time frame you had the right to consider the new owner in default? And, even if you could, would you really want to take Freeter back? It doesn’t sound like you can afford the time (literally) to develop Freeter.

    It seems so strange that the development of Freeter died on the vine. How many times have people said, wow, this is like nothing else. Wow, I am going to tell all my friends about this. You would think this would bode well for a products commercial potential. Or at least it could become a candidate for a crowd funding project, couldn’t it?

    I have already moved on. On the Mac side, I have now discovered Curio and I am still amazed at what that app is allowing me to do with organizing my projects. I cannot depend on Freeter. I will not wait for Freeter. If something changes I will be very happy to revisit Freeter.

  • administrators

    Thank you for the update, Alex. Please see the recent status update here:

  • Look at all the excitement people had about - I liked Freeter a LOT more, feel like with a bit more work could have a huge audience and potential ....

  • :disappointed: Waiting for news from @admin, Freeter is awesome and does not make Freeter become fully paid software, it needs to be free or have most of the free features.

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