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  • I've been using Freeter Pro for nearly a year now and the software has been and still is great. Like many of you, the stopped development has frustrated me. There are little bugs I'd like to iron out, features I'd like to add and additional uses I'd like to fulfil.

    Freeter was sold in July and the new owner hasn't really done much with it.

    I'd like to know how many of us would like to pool our money to buy Freeter from the new owner (if he will sell) with a mind to open source the project on Github.

  • Though I couldn't commit a lot, I would be interested.

  • same here

  • Same here, absolutely.

  • I'd be very interested too ..

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    Thanks for posting this. My company was the 2nd purchaser of the project after Alex initially sold it in July. I needed some time to get things in order but hopefully we are very close to being on track to push the project forward. If for some reason I am unable to get the project rolling well by the end of the summer (2018), I may consider open sourcing it. I see huge potential here, though, so I'm really hoping to get it rolling as a full fledged operation.

  • @joshs On the off chance it hasn't crossed your mind yet, I think Freeter is an excellent candidate for the open core business model. If you look into it, you'll find a ton of criticism about it not being truly open source (which, duh), but it's almost as if they take that to mean that it is the complete opposite of open source. Example. Ridiculous.

    I think an open core model could be a win-win for everyone.

    I'm picturing Freeter as open-source, while still requiring a license to use more than however many projects. There are plenty of other potential power user features that could be licensed only, while still keeping a usable product free for users with lesser needs.

    Imagine Freeter lovers having the ability to create and share a plugin for a product that they otherwise need the web app widget to use. I hate having to login into Todoist, GitHub, Trello, etc. everytime I open Freeter. Just about everything I have this problem with has a great API, and I would love to make and share these on GitHub. For a small development team, it's fantastic how many third-party developers are willing to share the load and pitch in on issues, feature requests, discussions, and make pull requests for the software they love and use every day. Dev's who love Freeter would be glad to have that ability, myself included.

    I think this would make not only a better product for users but also open it up to more exposure.
    I'd hope that this would result in higher revenue for you, allowing you to hire customer support, marketers, more developers, etc. while ensuring a well-maintained project for users.

    So, there's a thought. Whatever route you take, I'm glad you're onboard with Freeter. It sounds like you might just be the person for the job. Best of luck!

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    @dancyfits said in Community Group Buy and Open Sourcing Freeter:

    e still requiring a license to use more than however many projects. There are plenty of other potential power user features that could be licensed only, while still keeping a usable product free for users with lesser needs.
    Imagine Freeter lovers having the ability to cr

    Thanks for the excellent comment. I am familiar with the general concept of open core but really need to do more reading to see if it might be a good option for us here.

    Regarding the login issue, we are exploring some 3rd party options that may work for that. Before I was the owner of Freeter, it was my biggest complaint (and really it still may be). Brave has Lastpass working from what I have read, and I think that may be possible to implement within Freeter as well.

    Anyway, thanks again for the comment.

  • Hi @joshs can you please check, they have very nice open source business model for their apps, also there is platform such as for manage recurring payment monthly.

    Please get in touch if you wanna discuss more about possibility with open-source business model.


  • Honestly, a lot of people here really love Freeter - I paid once, but would be happy to give money on Patreon and pay more if it helped you guys keep this up and running. I think other people might feel the same. Or otherwise, if you did open source it, that could work too. Would just love to see this continue being an ongoing concern, it's such a helpful tool!

  • Why not kick started, i could help create the video doing motion design needed some one to think in storytelling, inbox me.

  • Hey all,

    I've been gone a little while due to personal life circumstance.
    Thank you for your many responses in support of keeping Freeter going. I'm still using this software almost daily!

    @joshs Have you got any updates on how you plan to move forward? I see the roadmap posted by Alex is still the pinned post in the Dev forum and it seems we last saw you on the 23rd February.

    I'm aching for an update :D

  • Hey joshs. Are you still committed to Freeter? If not, are you still interested in open sourcing it by the end of the summer as you mentioned?

  • Sadly it looks like @joshs hasn't been online since 23rd February. I'm starting to lose faith. =/

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