Multiplatform Sync

  • Hey Fellow Freeterers,

    Sorry I didn't see a post asking similar, my bad if it's already in here.

    Does anyone have a workflow for sharing MacOS/*nix/Windows Freeter data?

    My use case is I use all platforms. I do Client Experience, so I've got to be OS-agnostic. I feel like I should be able to do this with a dropbox/rsync etc. But has anyone done it and reported any issues or shortcomings, and/or ways to overcome them?

    Freeter is interesting and weird until you get hooked on it. And then it's life.


  • lol.. that's cute.
    Basically; there's 1 json file that would be the only thing you'd bother with..and images = nope, project DIR = EMPTY no matter what..

    yep, 1 json file that will giv e layouts and text data
    ..while your system collects databases and garbage from freeter to the tune of WHAT THE F*(CK was the developer smoking when he started this ?

    IMO, this thing on front end = ok.
    the back end is A HOT MESS AND SLOPPY AS FECK!

    So, yeah, the 1 json file.. and it's not even worth bothering..

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