Switching tabs gives a white screen - Now RESOLVED

  • I recently migrated my linux workstation to a new one, taking my Freeter Pro settings with me.

    Ever since then, I am unable to switch tabs successfully, because the new tab never loads and I end up with a white-screen-of-death. The only way to switch tabs successfully is to kill all Freeter processes and restart it while the tab with the white screen is active.

    This makes the application more or less useless to me.

    Perhaps this is a cache corruption issue .. but looking at the freeter local store (~/.config/freeter) I am unsure which files/folders are used for caching so I can clean them up.

    Also, I am not sure how to obtain support for Freeter Pro (beyond this forum) ..

    Please, can any one suggest what files I may need to clean up for a full reset without losing my projects and widgets?

    It will be surprising and sub-optimal if the only solution is to do an export, delete and re-installation ..

  • I have now tried everything possible:

    • Identified a Cache and GPUCache directory, and in turn deleted them and restarted .. no difference
    • deleted all cookies and restart .. no difference
    • Moved aside the Partitions directory, and restarted .. no difference
    • Finally, and out of desperation, exported projects and deleted all of ~/.freeter .. then restarted and re-imported all projects .. still no difference .. switching tabs yields white-screen-of-death

    This tool is not usable in this state and is turning out to be rather disappointing ..

  • I have been able to resolve my issues .. by:

    • exporting all projects
    • shutting down freeter and moving aside the whole of ~/.config/freeter .. (rename or delete)
    • restarting freeter and then re-importing projects that I had previously exported ..

    So, it seems there is something in that config folder that gets corrupted or confused when it's migrated from one host to another . ..

  • administrators


    Thanks for posting this solution. I will share the info with the developer and see if we can get it working as a smoother process going forward.


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