(Search, open in safari, multiple tabs) => Webpage widget

  • Hi,
    It would be nice if webpage widgets could handle :

    • multiple tabs (I need to have multiple tabs opened with google docs)
    • search feature (like in any browser)

    thank you :)

  • +100500 for search feature. And at all no keyboard shortcuts work in webpage widget...

  • @Nico123 @tairov Added the search feature to the roadmap

  • @Nico123 Why adding multiple dashboard tabs with the webpage widget on them doesn't work for you?

  • @tairov Can you provide some more details on which keyboard shortcuts did you mean?

  • Well, adding multiple dashboard tabs is lot of pain, I have to set a title, configure the widget url and resize it...
    ATM I use fluid app to open my google docs in a single app because it is easier. When I launch the app, it re-opens previously opened documents, I can close documents that I no longer work on and open new ones by just one single click.

  • @Nico123 Thanks for the reply. Have you tried to copy-paste dashboard tabs? The copy-paste options are accessible via the contextual (right-click) menu on dashboards tabs in the edit layout mode.

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