Freeter February 2018 Status Update

  • woohoo! looking forward to it.

  • Hey,

    Thanks for the update. I felt like a part of the community even though this is the second time I visit. FYI.

    I recently purchased a license and I want to say what an awesome product Freeter is. I had my first configuration completed in less than 5 minutes. I would've bought it too!

    Freeter is robust. It just goes to do what you ask. It doesn't hesitate and it'll even give you hints if you get stuck.

    At any rate, I had to reinstall everything on my system and I'm having an issue finding the slot to insert the numbers of the license. I'm going to look around and I'm sure I'll find what I need to be able to enjoy the full version of your app. :-)

    I'm a little tired now...

  • administrators

    @ricoramiro Hi Ramiro. Thanks for the kind words. Does the following work for entering the license?

    alt text

    If still not working, let us know through email at support [at]

  • any update on new release?

  • administrators


    Yes, and thank everyone for your patience.

    We have Freeter builds ready for Windows, Mac and Linus with print functionality + updated Electron and have since early last week.

    We hit a snag however, as the app and all of its previous updates were pushed live through the former owner's Windows publishing certificate and Apple Dev ID. My developer had a previous commitment this week, so I am working to get the proper publishing credentials. I will give another update soon.

  • @joshs Congrats on this new challenge. Are you open to consider getting help from people within the community?

    I'd even go as far as suggesting open sourcing, but most people (wrongly, in my opinion and experience) assume they'd lose ROI.

    Anyhow, any thoughts on that?

  • @joshs Did you get hit by the recent npm issue ? I believe Electron might use npm as package manager. Actually I got hit with it installing Synology's Note Station Desktop client which uses npm and fscked up my system...

  • Any update?

  • It's already on march 15, but still no update :(

  • it's april and still no updates :(

  • sad:sweat:

  • @MatheusRV There's a curse on this source code, or what? 2 "new owners" and... nothing?

  • Hello great people at Freeter!
    Is this project dead or alive? I do wonder when we will get some new from you guys/girls...?
    Have a nice day...

  • It's July, and electron already updated to the latest, but this software did'nt received any update. Where's the owner? can you opensource this software?


  • Please consider open sourcing this project so it can move forward... Thanks!

  • Very bummed that this project looks to be dead. I discovered the app today and it's EXACTLY what I've been looking for. Nothing else has really hit the mark. I was ready to buy the Premium version but decided to check out the community first. Glad I did. But wish the news was better.

  • any updates?

  • no man!
    This guy is like a ghost !

    Anyone in the same country as him (USA) mind calling him ? and seeing whats what.

    This is so sad. i lov this damn program. using it everyday.

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