Terminal widget

  • I'd find a terminal really useful instead of popping up new windows (especially when doing full screen work). Since you're using Electron, you could probably embed one of the npm based HTML terminals like


    Basic options would be working folder, environment variables, command to execute on startup.

    I'm also a programmer/freelancer; I'd be happy to try to contribute this myself if that's a possibility.

  • I mean, right now I've got a button to launch wetty and a browser window set to wetty's localhost URL, so that's 95% the way.

  • Seconded. This would be amazingly useful. I would also contribute this, if I could.

  • @maedoc @Pugio Added to the roadmap. Will be implemented in one of the next versions of Freeter.

  • +1

    I think this is a must have and a great idea. I'd love this!

    I'd also like the ability to open new native terminal windows as well from a dashboard widget.

    Furthermore, adding a "Terminal Here" option from the file explorer as well.

  • @Frankie-Loscavio Please add new feature requests for the "Open Terminal Here" option and the widget. This would help in managing things and voting up the features.

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