Is Snovio a great solution for email marketing and lead generation?

  • I usually try to find the simplest and cheapest solutions for my business.
    Snovio attracted my attention so I decided to share my experience with this community.

    Snovio is a lead generating tool for many types of professionals. It makes things just easier for many people: Recruiters can extend their sourcing resources and Sales managers can do better prospecting for sales finding more emails. One can find and research bloggers, journalists, websites owners and contact them within the platform.
    Besides an email Snovio provides you with the other structured information, enhancing your data, so that you can target specific positions within companies.

    Sounds as it's the service like Hunter or Findthatlead and many others. I made a research and found out - it is not the same.

    Firstly, it has Marketplace.

    What can you do with the Snovio Marketplace?

    • Search for prospects with specific skills, locations, job titles, age, company size etc. to run more accurate marketing campaigns;
    • Get the best quality and up-to-date leads from the market to turn them into potential customers;
      -Identify and contact valuable people that can make a difference for your business;
    • An efficient tool that saves your time for searching leads. All you need is to provide the search request and wait for a result;
    • Connect with other people to work together and benefit from each other. Customers receive the most accurate data while Contributors receive a reward for adding the data.

    And their new idea

    • a crypto economy based on those who want to find a targeted and receptive audience and those that want to supply their profile for a financial reward. Snovian.Space is the perfect direct ICO advertising platform, especially now Facebook and Google are restricting advertising on their platforms.

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