What's going on here?

  • To whoever took over the Freeter Development: Freeter is much too good to just drop all and any support or even communication. So I suggest you talk to us - the community. There are some of us who have already paid for Freeter and others who would but can't since the project "feels" completely abandoned.

    I simply cannot understand why you would refuse to talk to us for months. This is not about refund, this is about developers offering help - IF you let us.

    I'm pretty sure that new features would show up as soon as you made it open source.
    So please give us some life sign here.

  • Hi Nick. Would you consider creating a Slack group or exchanging contact details, so those who are interested in this can proceed in a organised way?

  • Seriously @admin just create a kickstarter to release the code, I understand you need your money back but come on, this is getting ridiculous. How much did you pay for the code ? Set a KS goal at 2 or 3 times that amount and release the source...

  • Like seriously is there any way to track this josh guy down before this blog also becomes obsolete. and if we find to talk to him personally over the phone or whatever and push to him open source it, as opposed to wasting a perfectly good resource for many ppl. Guys, any ideas? this blog seems to be slowly overloading when ever i try to log into view updates, im guessing it might stop working alltogether, too like the attention admin is giving to freeter.

  • @aminabdul I agree, love this app and the lack of updates is concerning, run a Kickstarter or release the source, whatever you need to do, just don't leave the app rot away and die!!!!

  • So guys I have messaged josh on LinkedIn. Lets wait & see a little, and what he says.

  • still no reply. i urge everyone, try contacting him too. maybe more the merrier, might be more of a chance of his reply

  • @aminabdul PM me if you want a physical mailing address to send a letter.

  • i live inSri Lanka its on the other side of the planet. will take ages to get to him. anyuone else closer to him go see him?

  • This is getting a bit frustrating. I'm getting tot he point where I'd just accept updating the chrome engine periodically just so that I can keep using it. Are there any viable alternatives out there that offer the same or at least similar functionality to Freeter?

  • Has anyone attempted to contact the previous owner of Freeter? He might know how to get the attention of the current owner.

  • This is sort of devastating that so many people are relying on Freeter, it's such a unique and fascinating app, maybe he DIED or something, or some rich guy doesn't really care about this project at the moment, who wants to get together and pull freeter apart and make our own product on the side while this NEVER gets fixed, we could make a fortune :P

  • sorry guys Josh never replied. :(

    quck query, how do i update my chrom engine on freeter. coz i use web.whatsapp on freeter alot, and now it doesnt work it ask me to download chrom 36 or somehting. help pls

  • Guys so I spoke to Alex, he gave this message about Josh.

    Hm. What about phone? http://www.buzzfile.com/business/New-Web-Development-LLC-903-399-0926

    Other possible contacts: https://www.fastpeoplesearch.com/mr-josh-d-sexton_id_G2317028699857812782

    any one in the country mind calling him and talking to him about whats going on or atleast make this open source.

  • @alexk how about you mistakenly lose a USB key with the full source code and one of us happens to find it and release it ? :D At this point I'm not even sure Josh would care...

  • I tried. No go.

    But he did suggest contacting FastSpring , the payment for Josh's latest contact details. Which I have done, lets see what they say, when they reply.

  • fastspring was a deadend too. ugh

    any one have any ideas?

  • I have messaged Josh on Twitter, where he seems to be still active (https://twitter.com/ReallyJoshy/likes). Fingers crossed.

  • awesome! Fingers crossed.

  • @Konrad - Keep going and thanks - please update if you hear anything :-) As someone who bought Freeter I'm afraid I'm way past hoping 'Josh' will ever do anything to resurrect it but I would love to know why he doesn't just shut it down/open source it or even just acknowledge that there's a bunch of customers/users out there who care! Thanks again for offering even a chance of resolution in this long running tragic soap-opera 👍🏻

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