What's going on here?

  • Has anyone attempted to contact the previous owner of Freeter? He might know how to get the attention of the current owner.

  • This is sort of devastating that so many people are relying on Freeter, it's such a unique and fascinating app, maybe he DIED or something, or some rich guy doesn't really care about this project at the moment, who wants to get together and pull freeter apart and make our own product on the side while this NEVER gets fixed, we could make a fortune :P

  • sorry guys Josh never replied. :(

    quck query, how do i update my chrom engine on freeter. coz i use web.whatsapp on freeter alot, and now it doesnt work it ask me to download chrom 36 or somehting. help pls

  • Guys so I spoke to Alex, he gave this message about Josh.

    Hm. What about phone? http://www.buzzfile.com/business/New-Web-Development-LLC-903-399-0926

    Other possible contacts: https://www.fastpeoplesearch.com/mr-josh-d-sexton_id_G2317028699857812782

    any one in the country mind calling him and talking to him about whats going on or atleast make this open source.

  • @alexk how about you mistakenly lose a USB key with the full source code and one of us happens to find it and release it ? :D At this point I'm not even sure Josh would care...

  • I tried. No go.

    But he did suggest contacting FastSpring , the payment for Josh's latest contact details. Which I have done, lets see what they say, when they reply.

  • fastspring was a deadend too. ugh

    any one have any ideas?

  • I have messaged Josh on Twitter, where he seems to be still active (https://twitter.com/ReallyJoshy/likes). Fingers crossed.

  • awesome! Fingers crossed.

  • @Konrad - Keep going and thanks - please update if you hear anything :-) As someone who bought Freeter I'm afraid I'm way past hoping 'Josh' will ever do anything to resurrect it but I would love to know why he doesn't just shut it down/open source it or even just acknowledge that there's a bunch of customers/users out there who care! Thanks again for offering even a chance of resolution in this long running tragic soap-opera 👍🏻

  • 0_1550274769478_no answer from josh.jpg

    I messaged Josh 4th February. No response. Meanwhile his account was busy liking stuff in the days that followed (last like was Feb 8th) - https://twitter.com/ReallyJoshy/likes.

    My assessment is that Josh knows about this thread and has no interest in talking to us. There could be multiple reasons for why he chooses to remain in hiding, but I don't think this is worth speculating about. Help has been offered, but he appears content to let Freeter rot.

    I think the only realistic chance of Freeter being saved is if someone offers to buy it from him. If anything can get a reaction from him, that's it.

    The only way I think we can increase the chances of this happening is by spreading the word that there is an app (with a loyal customer base) with great potential that is withering away because of a dormant owner/developer.

    Alternatively, someone might see the potential and build something similar, which would also be a positive outcome.

  • @Konrad I am seriously thinking about building a clone of Freeter. I am trying to find other developers that would be interested in helping with the effort.

  • @patbonecrusher It would be great if you did that. Also, I'm sure you'd get support from Freeter users.

  • Finally! I thought this was also gonna be a deadend!
    @patbonecrusher pls do!!!!! God bless you!
    Man this josh guy is completely useless. But whatever, but if pat can replicate this, to the 't' and even call it freeter 2.0, I'm pretty sure everyone will jump onto it. and even pay for it. I for one will surely do.

  • @patbonecrusher Hey man, if you go further with this, make it a kickstarter or something, or better, open source it (or even both, there are some opensource projects that were kickstarted). I'll happily chip in if you can show that

    1. you do have a team, or at least one experienced guy
    2. you can provide different means to contact you if things go south (unnecessary if it's open source though)
      I really love and use Freeter every day as my "SSH central" interface, and I'd love to help a similar solution.

  • @ErBen Another life line!


  • Hello everybody, I just found out about Freeter and came to see if it was open for development, there's a lot that can be integrated. It is a shame that you hadn't been able to contact the Owner/Developer.
    However I'm interested in the idea @patbonecrusher shared. I started with a Project Management idea last week and was researching for any possible integrations (That's why I found about Freeter). If you would like to get involved please let me know Filling this form

  • Guys would someone be willing to create a Freeter clone, collaboratively with the community, splitting the profits back to the community, with something like Crowdsourcer.io?


  • I am willing to start something....

  • @ErBen I am thinking full opensource free... The github model. I'll accept push and any help. If I ever decide to stop working on it, then I can give it away.

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