Freeter Updates/Alternatives?

  • Would anyone here know what's on the timeline for Freeter, or if there are any good alternatives?

    I've been following this forum closely hoping for new features and bug fixes to be released, but it seems like the developers haven't been in communication for a few months.

    I found an app that has some of the features of Freeter -

    Hope others can share in this thread if they also have other alternatives.


  • I purchased a Freeter license - just before the previous developer disappeared. From where I sit, I no longer hold out any hope for anyone doing the right thing and continuing to develop Freeter. It was, and it is, a great idea. But for some odd reason, no one who picks it up seems very seriously committed to working with it - or seems interested in working with us as a user base for that matter.

    I have already forgotten if Freeter is multi-platform or not. I can offer suggestions from my Mac-centric perspective. Freeter had the right idea, to create a dashboard concept so that all aspects of my many projects could be managed in one place. It still needed - and it still does need, development in some areas like notes formatting. The original idea of Freeter was a direct solution to web designers and it uses a lot of widgets and online accessibility to apps. I was offering feedback on these forums to have Freeter also work well on the desktop as that is where I do most of my writing, editing, music, and generally work on all my projects. But, the basic idea was quite sound.

    There are several alternatives to what I was starting to do with Freeter. Although, I would not call any one of them an exact replacement. Some that come to mind that I have used are:

    Curio: A very robust creative tool that has much more to it than I could go into here.
    DevonThink: Many use this for its AI and its ability to organize files by indexing them or importing them.
    HoudahSpot: I consider this one of my key apps. I would not like to do without it. HS is about making custom searches. You can use any criterion that suits you for that, tags, last modified, type of file, location, etc. Even better, you can save HS searches as a stand alone file. This means that I can customize some search criteria to associate items within a project. Then, using any other program I am using for the working on, and the tracking of, the project, I can simply click on the embedded HS search and see everything associated with that project - just like in Freeter.
    Aeon Timeline 2: I am just beginning to make use of this app. It does seem very handy when I am trying to set up a progress timeline, view my past efforts, etc.
    TaskPaper: A simple yet robust text based outlining tool that is perfect for my notes, can collapse sections I don't want to look at, uses keywords for embedded text searches, and takes the HS searches as text to launch when clicked on.
    BusyCal: I have a custom list view where I try to put progress notes on actions I am taking but, this has been hit and miss so far for me.
    Typinator: I love Typinator. It’s a key expansion macro that can run JavaScripts.
    Keyboard Maestro: This is a must have, Swiss Army knife if you want to get into customizing your mac. It allows me to set up a macro to open the programs I want to work on (like Freeter), select from the programs window menu how I want it to open, select other programs to also open at the same time, place the windows as I want them when opened.

    Put this altogether and what I have is the same virtual idea that I was starting to enjoy with Freeter.

    It is too bad but, to me Freeter is a lost cause. I may check on it once in a great while out of curiosity - like now, but I no longer will depend on such a non supported product. Staying organized is hard enough without trusting that your main tool is in perpetual limbo. And, in case I wasn’t clear, I would love to see Freeter getting some love from it’s developer. I just have better things to do than to hold my breath waiting for someone on the developer side to take Freeter seriously.

  • @levelbest Same situation here - actually I think I picked it up based on your review/recommendation over at Taskpaper Support (also a huge fan)!!! Like you I check in now and then but have basically given up hope. There's a couple of guys tracked the "new" owner down via LinkedIn but tbh based on his conduct here he really doesn't seem to g.a.f. about users/customers and leaving a site to purchase something you're basically treating as abandonware without telling people - is getting pretty close to shady business practice imho… Thanks a lot for sharing the alternatives, I'll check some out and keep an eye on your future recommendations either here or over at Hog Bay :)

  • @Kevan Kind of you to say. Taskpaper does indeed rock. I am now working on another deep project that I would feel very lost in if I did not have Taskpaper. I also made good use of my Typinator text expansion scripts which include time since and time between dates calculations. This is a very old case I have to argue for my service records having gone missing and in just the last couple of years, found again. So I have to formally make the argument that when incident A occurred it was xxx days until event B occurred. I have to do that in many places and for many events. I once used TextExpander but, it was too slow, too buggy, and anyway, its now subscription based - and I avoid that economic model. I don't know if TE ever had scripts, at least it didn’t what I was using it. Taskpaper, with it’s ability to write in text and then expand and contract sections I don't want to look at, not to mention its great use of tags and searches, makes this project almost enjoyable. OK, Almost!!! ;-)

    See you on the Taskpaper forums then, I rarely come to this site to check on Freeter anymore.

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