Does anybody know of a Freeter Alternative? And who knows how we can create or DIY something similair?

  • It's to my understanding that Freeter is essentially just, different spaces that the computer interacts with as seperate entities / you can choose elements or sources that are connected etc.

    Or i guess it's like hosting each website as seperate, IP Addresses? Or seperate little paralell spaces or patches or essentially just multiple clones and chunks of software running simultaneously in sync.

    SURELY it can't be too hard to build something together and recreate this, it would literally make my work flow and to be honest, my entire life %50 more productive and effective if something like freeter could be built and maintained properly .__>

    Who's in or knows where you would even start, clearly Freeter has been kicked to the curb, or perhaps, theres some legal implications or run-ins that have been felt by other companies?

    Or perhaps hes quiet while looking for someone to buy it?

    Has apple bought it, has it been merged into that new Spaces app that they launched in the app store or is that exclusively for notes on ios and mac?

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