Should schools grades students only on academic performance

  • Yes, the schools should grades students only on academic performance. It is just because the students could read and learn the curriculum from internet sources. And if the students are graded by their schools on their learning in a particular subject it’s just dumb. The students could maybe observe high school however otherwise…….Many students do not have knowledge regarding it. Many of them think that the schools must permit kids to be independent in making their academic decisions and how much they put their hard work towards their future. However, it can be achievable by students all over the world. But often it has been seen that the students face many glitches in their assignment writing and they are always in search of professional essay writers by attaining help from the assignment writers the students can be able to submit top-notch quality academic essays to their professors. It really helps them to stand out of the whole class and assist the students to pass the examinations with good grades. So it is necessary that the schools should have to grades the students only on the academic performance of the students. It really urges students to work hard in their academics and get success in their entire academic year.

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