Can't seem to find an export / import feature?

  • Is it not there?
    What's the point of offering a single license across devices when I can't take my data from one device to another?
    When I can't backup my data in *** text *** format?
    Idea seems good, but I want full ownership of my own data.


  • @suomiman Have you tried the Backup & Sync option on the Freeter settings (accessible via File menu on Win/Linux and Freeter menu on Mac). It allows to export/import the data.

  • I'm using the free linux version. The only entries I can see in the File menu are "preferences" and "quit."
    Is the backup & sync a paid only option?

  • @suomiman Free version also has the Backup & Sync feature. Open the Preferences via File menu and scroll down.

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