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    The U.S. Census Bureau has estimated New York City’s population at 8,398,748, as of July 1, 2018. This represented an increase of 223,615 residents (or 2.7 percent) over the April 1, 2010 decennial census count of 8,175,133. Post-2010 growth translates into an average annual gain of about 27,000 persons, or a compounded 0.3 percent. Population growth has been fueled by the continued surplus of births over deaths (partly due to record high life expectancy), which has been partially offset by net outflows from the city. Each of the city’s five boroughs registered gains in population. The Bronx saw the largest increase, up 3.4 percent, followed by Brooklyn (3.1 percent), Manhattan (2.7 percent), and Queens (2.2 percent); Staten Island showed the smallest gain (1.6 percent) over the 99-month period.

    While the city’s population has shown an overall increase, growth rates have varied in the post-2010 period: It was high during the initial years of the decade, slowed subsequently, and has experienced small declines since 2016. While population growth has likely slowed, the Census Bureau’s methodology is not robust enough to precisely quantify the magnitude of these year-to-year changes.

    For these new estimates, the Census Bureau revised its estimation methodology, which lowered the estimated number of international migrants coming to New York City. This decline, however, is likely overstated and has lowered total population estimates for the city, which now paint a different picture than the estimates issued just one year ago.

  • These population changes are influencing infrastructure. The cities are adding more and more new territories https://populationstat.com/united-states/salt-lake-city and current coding system cannot cover them. So they need to widen the database by either introducing a new combination or adding some extensions to the current codes. The businesses that are using traditional corresponding must follow the changes.

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