Dashboard Widget to Open Website

  • I first have to say this software is amazing. I can see this saving some ridiculous amounts of time.

    Most everything is perfect, but it would be nice if we could add a widget that opens a webpage similar to the webpages tab, but that is project/tab specific rather than global. I know there are several ways to make this happen, shortcuts in your folder tree, command line, etc., but it would be nice for it to just work with a simple interface like the other functions.

    I also know that part of the point is to use apps within freeter, but for web projects, I am a web developer, you just plain need chrome's inspector etc. to build a site and its nice to open everything from freeter and make it your starting point for all actions.


  • Additionally enabel using the favicon of the Website as the Icon please.

  • @clonge Thank you! Much appreciated! :star2:

    I completely agree. It would be nice to have a widget to open project-specific webpages with a browser app. The widget is on my to-do list and will be available in the next version. Will you need an option to choose a browser and a method (new window/new tab) to open a webpage with? Or the system default behavior will work good for all scenarios?

  • Well for me the system default is enough.

    However, I am sure there are some developers that would appreciate more fine tuned control of how their tabs/windows are opened.

  • @alexk Would this open up inside of the widget or just open up an external browser?
    I'm very excited about this feature. I'm evangelising about Freeter in our team at the moment and I think if you nail this feature the company may well roll it out to the rest of the team :)

    On a personal level, I use the dev tools in Firefox, chrome and Safari (I know I'm greedy) so if there was a way to summon different browsers within Freeter, that would be especially great.



  • @FreeterBeAwesome It would open up an external browser. You would be able to choose the browser and the open method (default, new tab, new window) to open the url with.

    Thanks for spreading the word thru your team :raised_hands:

  • Awesome. looking forward to the next release.

  • :heavy_check_mark: Added in 1.1.0.

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