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  • It would be really nice to be able to click command + f, for example, to open up the first search option. Each subsequent command+f would go down the list of search options, for quick keyboard search access.

  • @clonge Do you mean navigating thru the search scopes on the searches tab using cmd+f, right?

  • So right now if I am not mistaken the only way to use the search fields is to first hover over the search drop down and then click the search you would like to use.

    Also right now, I don't think cmd+f does anything inside freeter. It would be nice if pressing cmd+f focused the first search input, no matter where you are in the app (this may conflict with web widgets, if so another key-pairing could work). Pressing cmd+f again would focus the second search input and so on. Hold cmd and press f three times and you get your third favorite search resource.

    This would save removing your hands from the keyboard so you can begin typing your search immediately.

  • @clonge Thanks for the clarification. Added the feature to the roadmap.

    I've did a quick research and found that Chrome and Firefox use Cmd + K (on Mac) and Ctrl + K (on Win) for "search on the web". What do you think about using the same shortcut in Freeter?

    Thank you

  • That works for me.

  • @clonge Great! Thanks for your help!

  • @alexk Would this search the contents of a web window too? I really need a command + F feature to search through the web windows as I use it to access a CMS for my web projects. I sued it to find lines of code in the code editor. This is fine in a separate web browser app but in Freeter it doesn't do anything in the web window. Not to over egg the issue, it would just make my life more complete lol :)


  • @FreeterBeAwesome Nope. Cmd+K is for a quick access to the Searches tab on the top bar. Searching within the webpage widget is a different feature.

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