• with 100s of Task/Project management tools out there, and i tested a ton, all being awkward/inefficient/overbloat/too complex or too fugly in UI/UX and too inflexible & too slow etc.

    it's high time for Freeter - thank you Alex Kaul in Vietnam ; )

    a popular tool is Slack. which is also a compatible widget in Freeter.
    however, slack is quite slack (unprofessional/awkward/inefficient/impractical...not the productivity gainer it's marketed/hyped to be) and so is it possible Alex/Freeter to add a COLLABORATION feature please?

    if you do collab as efficiently as Freeter so far, wow!

    collab should at least:

    1. add team members (invite/add/delete etc)
    2. share folders to upload/download (even local ƒolder or various clouds)
    3. date/time stamps
    4. topics/rooms/channels
    5. private/public channels (unlike Slack allow switch)
    6. star lists
    7. direct messages
    8. format messages (unlike Slack)
    9. annotate/note/sketch (as in Skitch in per-user-colors atop your Freeter dashboard items
    10. file manager & viewer (alias + uploads)

    thank you

  • @junglerolf Thanks for sharing your thoughts and kind words! :raised_hands:

    This looks like a great set of ideas for a whole new app! Saved to my to-do list.

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