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  • Hey there,

    first of all, great product!

    I would really appreciate a shortcut that would bring up a window allowing you to search and select projects, much like the default "Ctrl/Cmd T" combination in Slack, which allows you to change channels in this way (see screenshot) There are a couple of reasons why the current shortcuts aren't that efficient for me:

    1. I have to remember which Fx key corresponds to which project, which doesn't work great especially since I'm constantly adding and archiving projects, switching things around etc.
    2. I'm limited to 10 shortcuts, and I'll have more projects than that very soon
    3. I'm using a new generation MacBook Pro, which means the Fx keys are part of the TouchBar and hidden unless I press the Fn key, which is a pain. This is a relatively minor issue that is specific to only a subset of your users, but it's still a nuisance.

    0_1489231462565_Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 12.24.01.png

    Kinds regards,


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