Open multiple docs in same app window

  • At the moment if I use opener for more than one acrobat/pages/word doc, each doc is opened separately, instead of one instance with tabs. Is it possible to have an app open all instances in one window with tabs?

  • @ryanunchuks Currently not. Apps decide how to open documents. Technically it could be done for apps which support different open strategies, specified via command-line arguments. For example, when you call chrome from the command line it will open the url in a new tab, by default. And if you call chrome --new-window, it will open the url in a new window.

    Please write the list of apps you use to open the documents, and I will make a quick research if they support any command line arguments. And if most apps support that, I'll add the corresponding options in Freeter.

  • Thanks for the response. I've noticed that if I already have an app open, all the docs will open as tabs in one window, which is interesting.

    Apps that open in multiple windows: Acrobat, Pages, Text Edit.

    Loving Freeter, btw. Great work!

  • @ryanunchuks The opening algorithm was changed in 1.1.0. Can you check if it works better with these apps? Thanks.

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