Button on Web Widgets to open page in a browser

  • I'm using a few web widgets for monitoring the status of bugs and CI jobs, but whenever I need to do something complex on them, it would be easier if I could bounce them over to a web browser. At the moment that means the Copy URL button and going to the browser, opening a new tab and pasting. Would be easier if I could just click a little Safari icon and have it open the page :)

  • @cmsj1 Thanks for posting the idea! :) It's already on the roadmap and will be available in the upcoming 1.1 release. I plan to add it to the contextual (right-click) menu of the webpage widget. Will it work ok for you?

  • @alexk that should be fine, thanks. Any reason for not making it a button at the top right of the widget?

  • @cmsj1 Thought that there are too many buttons on the widget header. However one more button should be ok. So there will be 3 buttons for the start/back/forward navigation, 3 for the actions related to the current address, and the common 'full-window' button.

  • Right-click action item is great.

    Just wondering if it will be possible that a setting be added in the widget's options page? "Open external links in web browser". Freeter will have to parse the link URL to check if the widget URL is part of it or not. It could then open the URL either in the same widget or make a system call to open it in the browser.

  • @_ManojC Please create another feature request for it.

  • Yes, very useful.

  • I'd love the ability to have a widget that opens a webpage. Even better would be a widget that could have a custom image. So for example: I would be able to have widget that had an image of the Staples "Easy Button" in a widget square, and when I pressed it it launched my Jenkins task or open a web page as widget. Yeah, clickin' the easy button. Whaaaaa!

    Anyways, this would be really nice to have.

  • @Frankie-Loscavio Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Yes, it will have an option to set a custom image, the same way as in Opener and Commander widgets.

  • :heavy_check_mark: Added in 1.1.0.

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