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    Great app. I have been looking for a dashboard/control panel like Freeter for well over a year, and you are 80% "there." A big, big thanks and congrats...

    My #1 request is to allow multiple instances or multiple projects to be open in Windows simultaneously. 1 instance is great but with 1 instance, I will use Freeter; I won't "live by" Freeter.

  • @richardtsplett do yo mean as in user profiles so that you could switch between say 'work mode profile' and a 'personal projects profile'?
    That would be a killer feature for me. the ability to have multiple config files that were switchable on the fly.

  • @richardtsplett Thanks for the feedback! Can you give more details on your use case?

  • Hello @alexk I've been using Freeter for awhile and it really does a very good job!

    The main use-case is mainly like using Google Chrome which you can add multiple profiles and can even have guest profiles. It can be the following:

    • Project planning projects, which would have email or skype panels open
    • Coding related projects, which are per-website or per-project list of projects
    • with the two above you can open them simultaneously which makes switching faster


  • @msnoval The main idea of Freeter is to organize everything by projects and projects' workflows, so that each dashboard contained all things needed for a specific workflow. If the app will allow to open multiple windows, my concern is it will be adding complexity in the long run.

    Why doesn't grouping things by workflows fit your scenario? In your case, two dashboards for a project:

    • Dashboard #1 - email or skype
    • Dashboard #2 - coding stuff needed for a project

    If you need two dashboards for one of your workflows, then you might assign the same shortcut (Cmd+1 or Ctrl+1 for example) and easily switch between the dashboards by pressing the shortcut keys.

    I recently published an article on how I organized my workflow. Maybe it will give more ideas.

    Thanks for using Freeter!

  • @FreeterBeAwesome We have a discussion that might be a solution for dividing the work/personal projects: Project Switcher Dashboard. The idea is to implement tags which would allow you to categorize projects and filter them on the Project Switcher Dashboard by clicking on a tag for example. Please share your thoughts if this is what you've asked for.

  • @alexk Hmmmm currently it is a bit slow to switch. Below is my current setup and use-case, which I do everyday

    • Dashboard #1 - Tab1 (gmail or skype), Tab3 (google sheets, etc), Tab3 (other websites)
    • Dashboard #2 - Tab1 (list of commands, sublime, github), Tab2 (github commits, etc)
    • switching from Dashboard #1>#2>#1 would refresh gmail and skype, and you lost ur focus, for example writing an email or just reading thru a long threaded mail
    • even with shortcuts, i think due to the refresh

    Currently, I would like to use Freeter separate for Work and Personal stuff. Maybe I am so used to having Google Chrome having it separate. Mainly work stuff have a lot of Dashboards while personal side would be more focused on other things.

  • @monnoval I suppose you meant Project #1 / #2? Projects are supposed to be switched not so often. Please try to reorganize it so that all things related to a project kept within one project in Freeter.

    Project #1:

    • Tab 1: Gmail/Skype related to Project #1
    • Tab 2: Google Sheets related to Project #1
    • Tab 3: Commands, Sublime, Github related to Project #1
    • Tab 4: Github Commits related to Project #1

    Project #2:

    • Tab 1: Gmail/Skype related to Project #2
    • Tab 2: Google Sheets related to Project #2
    • Tab 3: Commands, Sublime, Github related to Project #2
    • Tab 4: Github Commits related to Project #2

    ... etc

  • @alexk They way I's like to use it is so that I can have a persona for when I'm in the office at work that shows only my work related projects and then have a separate persona at home that shows my personal projects. I'd like to keep these as separate as possible. Tanks for the continued development :)

  • @FreeterBeAwesome Got it. When you have absolutely different projects at work and at home, you don't need to have the data synced between these two machines, and you can just setup different sets of projects on both the machines. Am I missing something? :)

  • @alexk sorry, forgot to add, that I would like to be able to work on some of the work projects at home as well as at work so would like to share the config file. after reading it back I can see I didn't make this clear.

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