Duplicate Project

  • Please create a functionality to DUPLICATE PROJECTS. Often my web dev projects follow the same workflow and I don't want to have to manually duplicate each Project.

  • @joeysph Why doesn't the "Duplicate Project" button on Manage Projects menu solve that for you?

  • Perhaps a project "template" is what is being asked. I know you have the ability to duplicate a project but if you had a way to create a project template that would not show up in the project list it might be nice. You could also allow add the ability to share project templates by Freeter community. For example if I created an investments project template that I could share with others in the Freeter community. It might be nice to get others to use Freeter as when I show people this tool they sometimes struggle understanding it until I show them a functional project. This might be a good way to get you quicker user acceptance.

  • Think about having your "Dashboard Examples" be project templates and allow away for the community to add more.


  • @itbharsh There is "Hide Project" checkbox in the project settings. It does just that - hides the project in the project switcher, but keeps it visible in the project manager menu. However it's not clear that the option can be used for this purpose. I'll add this use case to its description in the next version.

  • @itbharsh For sharing dashboards there is another thread. Import/export will be a first step on the way. When users start sharing their projects and dashboards in Freeter Community, the next step will be creating a structured repository integrated with Freeter.

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