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  • I did a search in the forum and it doesn't appear to be on the 'to-do' list, I would like the option to, when I minimize the application for it to stay only in the system tray and not be in the task-bar.

    Keep up the good work.

  • @peejaygee You can hide it from the task-bar and keep on the system tray, by closing Freeter window (or using the main hotkey: ctrl/cmd+shift+f).

  • @alexk I totally get that (as I found that out after I put the post), and I do that, but I also know a lot of applications I use have the option to tick a box that says "minimize to system tray' and most people instinctively guess that the 'x' button will 'close' the app, unless specified in the app. sometimes I would like an app to close the I press x and the option to minimize to tray. :)

  • @peejaygee Got it :) Thanks for sharing your vision! It looks like we would need to add two drop-down options to configure the window buttons' behavior:

    Minimize button

    • Minimize Window
    • Hide Window

    Close button

    • Quit Application
    • Minimize Window
    • Hide Window

    What do you think?

  • @alexk Yeah, that sounds about right (still leave what you have in the system tray icon now). Maybe also (and I don't know if this is a windows feature or an application feature) but, something else you 'could' think about too. On the initial/first minimize or close, a text bubble appears above your icons saying something like "The application is still running, click here to restore this application, this message will be shown only once" or similar (Teamview another app I use, does the same thing) it's just warning the user the application is still running. Sometimes windows likes too (unless you tell it otherwise) decide which icons you see and don't see, a user could close/minimize the application and not realize it's still running.

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