Quick Look on files [MacOS]

  • Would be great to preview files without opening them.
    Even better, to have thumbnails of files (supported by system)

  • @freestef Do you mean file previews in File Explorer widget?

  • Yes Alex, that's what I mean.

    In other words, the widget could displays files as a list or as thumbnails, same as in Finder windows (Mac). The Quick Look also would be great. That's when a file is selected in the widget, pressing the space bar opens a popup to preview the file.

    I mean those are accessible through the OS API but I'm not a developer and don't know on what Freeter is developed.

    Cheers, St├ęphane

  • @freestef Got it. Thanks for the clarification! Not sure if it will be possible to get native thumbnails and keep it fast at the same time. However the previews with the space bar should be ok, at least for images and plain text files. Added to the roadmap.

  • Vote +

    Would be possible to preview those images ( from file explorer widget ) inside and existing Image Widget and preview text files inside an existing Text Widget ?

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