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  • A useful addition would be to have a button to share (Files, Todo list, Text widget). It could use the share API from the system which allow to choose how to share (message, email, send to…).

  • @freestef Can you provide more details on this. What would you like to share? Widget or widget content?

  • Let's say you work on a project and have a File Explorer widget.
    Now you want to send this logo file to your client.
    For the moment you have to right-click "Show in Finder", then send the file to your email client…

    The share button on Mac and IOS (the up-arrow in a square button) brings a popup with a share menu which contains destinations configure on your OS (Mail, Messages, Twitter, Facebook and so on). When working, we constantly send files to co-workers, clients, etc.

    Again the Share Menu is included on the OS. It's a matter of integrating it. Most Mac applications use it.

    If you are not developing with standard OS API's, then a function to at least send a selected file by email would be a great addition.

    Note that I'm an independent working in Web and print Design. Freeter is a just what I was looking for. Well part of it for now. A place to gather all items related to a job, access and share them quickly :-)

    Thank you.

  • @freestef Thanks for the detailed info! Which email program do you use for sending emails? Here is a quick example on how to send a file via email using Mozilla Thunderbird:

    1. Add Thunderbird to the Toolkit
    2. In the file explorer widget open the contextual (right-click) menu of a file, and select Open with Tool > Thunderbird

    This will create a new message with the attached file. Please check if this is what you've looked for :)

  • Hi Alex, the idea is good and I tried it. Unfortunately, Freeter tries to open the application even when it is already in use. With Apple Mail it works except that I have 2 instances of Mail opened afterwards. With Airmail (which is the mail client I use) I get an error message (rough translation from french) "another instance of Airmail is in use".

    I checked with other tools I added (that's Photoshop) and again Freeter launches a second instance of Photoshop. I'm not sure this is very safe.

    I'm not an expert and don't know how tools are calling apps but it should rather be a "send to" than "open".

    Best, Stéphane

  • @freestef Thanks for letting me know about the double-launch issue on Mac. I'll research it.

  • @freestef :heavy_check_mark: The opening algorithm was changed in 1.1.0. Now it opens files with the launched app instead of launching a new on. Please check if it works for you.

  • Thank you for the addition but it is not working on my Mac.
    The behaviour is the same as in v1.0: If I open with tool Photoshop, it launches the application. If it is already open, it launches another instance of Photoshop.
    With tool email (Airmail in my case), it does not launch a copy but display a message that another copy is already in use.
    Best, Stéphane

  • @freestef Aw.. Double-checked it and found that the algorithm was only changed in File Opener widget. File Explorer widget still uses the previous one. Sorry for that :(

    Could you setup two File Opener widgets to open a file with Airmail/Photoshop, and check if they open the files with the same instance or still launch another copy.


  • Hello, It does work with File Opener widget on v 1.1.
    Which is not so useful for me since I use many file versions and type with my project.
    It is much more useful to have File Explorer widget working that way :-)
    waiting the next update, thanks.

  • @freestef Thanks for letting me know that it does work with File Opener widget on 1.1. That means that the next version will have File Explorer working the same way too :)

  • @freestef :heavy_check_mark: Done! It should work with File Explorer in the version 1.2.

  • @alexk YES, working in File Explorer. Thank you :-)

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