I have 11 requests sorry

    • Todo List

      • Tags
      • Filters/Search
      • Custom fields like due date

      I use this for work, where each tab is a project. It's easier to switch between them this way versus dropdown, which I use for stuff that I don't want to mix with work. Because of this I have less space for each project, which means less todo list. Having tags and filters could help organize the tasks, as well as manage tasks that are completed easier.

    • RSS/Atom Feed

    • A widget that will periodically run a script and display the stdout

      A use case for this is while I'm work there's this script I use that tells me how long it will take to get home from work using google maps, and having it automatically update every minute where I can see it would be cool with this.

    • Local back up's vs the one that's being synced and the ability to manually sync your settings instead of it being automatic.

      I was trying to merge my work projects with my home projects so I whoopsied dasied my home settings when I uploaded my work settings to google drive which had the same name as my home computer settings. And google drive worked perfectly when it synced my files back down to my home computer. :unamused:

      Anywho, can you add in some idiot protection? And maybe a setting to require manual syncing instead of automatic?

    • Image gallery/multiple images in the image widget

      If I'm doing research for some UI, I'll end up with a lot of pictures, so being able to add them in one place would help with organization.

    • Drag and drop functionality

      It would be cool to have the ability to create a widget by dropping things like a folder address, image, web address, text file, etc.

    • Back space work on a web page widget to go back if you travel to another link

    • Plugins/custom widget

      Not much to explain, I would have a field day

    • Markdown support for text widgets or maybe a local wiki to each project

      Could be use to help provide notes about the project you're in an organized place vs text pads

    • Specify commands that would execute when Freeter loads up for the first time

    Anyways hopefully I didn't overload you with my wishlist. I'm not done with ideas. Also Christmas is coming up, so it would be super duper cool if you said yes to every single idea of mine as well as get it all done before the 25th :smiley:

    Also do you have a public road map of what you are doing so I don't request things you're already planning about doing?

  • Sorry, I'm making it twelve. Can you make the screen scroll instead of resizing the widgets when it gets resized? Makes it easier to have it side by side another app one the same screen

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